SouthBARK has many highly adoptable dogs living in foster homes.  We do not have a facility so we attend as many adoption events around the local area as we can each month.  You can also view all of our adoptable dogs by clicking the "Facebook" button below.  Many of our available pups are located in the slide show to the left. To apply to adopt any of our amazing fur babies, please click the appropriate "Adoption App" button.

Meet Blanche!

Here's what her foster mom had to say:

"She’s still waiting for that perfect someone to give her a chance. She is showing me how such a good girl she is with her SIT! Blanche is 9 years young but that doesn’t slow her down! Her favorite hobby is fetch with the tennis ball. Unless... you consider snuggling with her hoomans a hobby! This girl has plenty of love left to share."

Look at her beautiful smile. Liberty is a lovely young pup, born into rescue last year and returned with no place to go. She has been thoroughly evaluated by our favorite behaviorist and trainers. Liberty is ready to go HOME for good. She is in boarding and as you have seen before, SouthBARK closes to intake if we do not have excellent foster home space for all the pets we have committed to. Liberty enjoys the company of medium and large dogs, big kids and she even likes the cats at her boarding facility. Liberty is now also back up to date on all of her vaccinations and heartworm prevention. Liberty would love to be your FOREVER LOVE! Can you save her and give her a home? Email us at

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