SouthBARK has many highly adoptable dogs living in foster homes.  We do not have a facility so we attend as many adoption events around the local area as we can each month.  You can also view all of our adoptable dogs by clicking the "Facebook" button below.  Many of our available pups are located in the slide show to the left. To apply to adopt any of our amazing fur babies, please click the appropriate "Adoption App" button.


We are alive because someone like you fostered us.

What does dog fostering mean?

Providing a foster home for a dog in need means that you agree to provide a safe and loving environment for a dog in need, either short term, long term or fospice.


Why are foster homes neccessary?

Everyday many highly adoptable dogs are placed in local kill shelters through no fault of their own, but many will be euthanized due to space, breed ban, or simple medical conditions that are easily fixable.  Sometimes these dogs are overlooked for adoption from the shelter due to age, easily modified behavior issues, and the aforementioned minor medical conditions.  Rescue foster homes are necessary to help these dogs get out of the shelter alive.  Rescues like SouthBARK do not have facilities to house these needy pets and boarding not only cost a lot of money, but it is, many times, no different than being in a shelter.  In a foster home, the shelter pet can learn or relearn how to be a well mannered family member as well as heal from their minor, and sometimes major, illnesses.  Foster parents are also vital in helping the foster dog find the perfect forever family because they know their foster dog better than anyone.  


Why you should foster a dog in need?

Dog fostering is one of the most rewarding things you can do, aside from adopting a rescue or shelter dog.  By fostering a dog from the shelter you are saving two dogs lives- the one you are fostering and the one who will take it's place in an overcrowded shelter system. 


How can I foster a dog for SouthBARK?

SouthBARK is in need of foster families in the Escambia and Santa Rosa County areas of Florida as well as the Mobile and Baldwin County areas of Alabama.  If you live in one of these local areas, we would love for you to apply to foster with SouthBARK.  If you live outside of these areas, please find a local rescue or shelter in your area that offers fostering partnerships.  

Click the button below to complete the foster application online.

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